Dance Classes for Kids

The fun! The happiness! Join our dance journey!



Students will begin to develop dance concepts that will be used in Latin Dancing. Students learn beginning technique and basic terminology, while still emphasizing creative expression as they learn the basics of Salsa and Bachata. Students will eventually start working on routines for performances, after they have an understanding of the basic foundation.


Ballet technique is the foundational principles of body movement and form used in ballet. It is an important aspect of ballet performance because ballet (especially classical ballet) puts great emphasis on the method and execution of movement.


A fast moving street style of dance as seen in music videos. Coordination, rhythm, flexibility and improvisation are taught.


Jazz Funk, also called Street Jazz, borrows a lot of movement from other dance styles. From ballet-modern-hip hop- to lyrical, jazz funk incorporates little bits and pieces of other dance genres and wraps into a funky style that is both fun and expressive!


Belly dance is the western name for Raqs Sharki a type of middle eastern dance. It is a dance that is traditionally solo form and is improved with the name it referring to the torso isolations. When your hips are moving, you have a natural shimmy to your midsection refers to the western called name. Every region in the middle east has different look to the dance and costumes can vary in style. The dance has boomed in the 2000s and has grown to global portions of popularity for fitness and as an art.